Alpha Mu Tau Fraternity, ASCLS National Honor (Research, Teaching, & Service to profession)
Golden Key National Honor Society


Association of Clinical Scientists (ACS)
Texas State University Society for Clinical Laboratory Science (SCLS)
Faculty Advisor & consultant
American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM)
Who’s Who among Healthcare Professionals
Texas Society of Allied Health Professions (TSAHP)
Pan American Society for Clinical Virology (PASCV)
American Society for Clinical Pathology (ASCP)
Specialist in Microbiology (SM) certification (2008)
Molecular Pathologist (MP) certification (2007)
Specialist in Virology (SV) certification (1998)
Texas Branch American Society of Microbiology (ASM)
American Society of Virology (ASV)
Texas State University Microbiology Society
Faculty consultant
United States Animal Health Association
Member of Rabies and Public Health Subcommittee
American Society of Clinical Laboratory Scientists (ASCLS)
Texas Association of Clinical Laboratory Scientists (TACLS)



Texas State University – Pandemic and post-pandemic work groups, 2020

Presidential appointment to two of eight work groups: (1) Continuity of Research Work Group and (2) Health, Wellness, and Safety Work Group.

  • Charges: (1) Develop a plan for a phased resumption of research activities and (2) prepare a detailed plan for the university’s response in the likely event that students, faculty, and staff test positive in fall 2020 that allows the university to ensure the safety of the community while continuing to operate, including prevention and contingency processes, procedures and marketing.
  • Invited White Paper – Evidence based information regarding SARSCoV2_White paper TXST Marketing by Dr. Lisa K. Lloyd, Vice President, Univ Administration, VP for University Administration
  • Invited member for COVID-19 Facts Videos Kickoff Meeting – University Marketing
  • Invited Panel Member for Health, Wellness, and Safety for Supervisors – Monday, June 29, 3 pm – 4 pm; Health, Wellness, and Safety for Faculty – Tuesday, June 30, 3 pm – 4 pm; Health, Wellness, and Safety – Experts Field Your Questions – Thursday, July 2, 3 pm – 4 pm

Texas State University, Institutional Review Board (IRB), 2020

  • Special Invitation for SARSCoV2 / COVID 19 proposal [Consultation]

Texas State University, Parent and Family Relations Program Review, 2019

Texas State University, McCoy College T&P External Reviewer, 2019

Texas State University, Podcast Group, 2019 – Present

Provost appointed to investigate TXST Podcast initiative

Texas State University, Campus Communicators, 2019 – Present

Provost invite as CHP representative for potential stories – digital news, etc.

Texas State University, Common Experience Committee: 2018 – Present

Selection of COE Theme and Events

Texas State University, Alumni Association, Teaching Award Committee: 2016 – 2017

Selection of Alumni Teaching award for faculty / staff

Texas State University AVPR Search Committee: 2015-2016

Texas State University, Mariel M. Muir Committee: 2016 – 2017

  • Selection of mentoring awards for faculty / staff

Texas State University, Academic Program Review, Financial Services, Treasurer/Student Business Services, and Budget Office, Spring 2016

Texas State University, Academic Program Review, Human Resources, Spring 2016

Texas State University, Associate Vice President for Research and Federal Relations Search Committee: 2015-2016

Texas State University, Assistant Director of Faculty Development Search Committee: 2015

Texas State University Bobcat Bond Program: 2013 – Present

  • Mentor of undergraduate students

Texas State University Representative to Bio Corridor Alliance: 2012 – Present

  • Request by Billy C. Covington, Ph.D., Associate Vice President for Research and Federal Relations to represent (; Alliance composed of Biotechnology companies on I35 corridor

Texas State University Council on Funded Research (CFR), 2011 – Present

  • Appointment for oversight of research related matters as CHP Associate Dean of Research; Honors College representative

Texas State University Research Design and Analysis (RDA) Group, 2010 – Present

  • Invitation from Larry R. Price, PhD (Director of Faculty Research) & Gail Ryser, PhD (Testing, Research-Support, and Evaluation Center); Group charged with enhancing the quality as well as the quantity of the research productivity of faculty

Invited by Dr. Galloway, Director – University Honors Program committee, 2009 – Present

Invited workshop speaker – Program for Excellence in Teaching and Learning for Texas State new tenure track faculty (per Dr. Nathan Bond / Dr. Beth Wuest), Tips on Preparing Documenation for Tenure and Promotion Review, LBJSC 3-15.1, 2008 – Present

Texas State Institutional Biosafety Committee (IBC): 2008 – Present

  • Invitation from Dr. Covington; Committee charged with implementing a Biosafety policy that is compliant with NIH

Invited Faculty Panel Member, Sponsor of Panel-Texas State Faculty Advancement (Dr. Jerry Farr) and OSP (Carolyn Pate), Panel Topic “Grants and Contracts”, Aquarena Springs, December 10, 2004

Christian Faculty/Staff Fellowship (CFF): October 2004-Present

Texas State Service-Learning Team , 2003-Present

Invitation from Dr. Oren Renick (Chair of Service-Learning Team) to join group

Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC): 2002-2014

  • Ex officio, Interim Chair as needed, Reviewer of IACUC protocols for approval of animal care/use with respect to teaching and research;    Vivarium subcommittee
    Inspector of animal facilities at Texas State University and related sites (Freeman Ranch, Aquarena Center, Stock Center, Biology Dept., etc.)

Faculty Senate Liaison Representative from CLS Program: 2007 – 2013

Search Committee for Assistant Director of Faculty Development: Fall, 2012

  • Invited to review applications and participate in interview panel by Dr. Beth Wuest

Invited Keynote Speaker, Texas State University Alpha Lamda Delta National Honor Society Chapter, LBJSC Ballroom, April 6, 2008


College of Health Prof. Strategic Planning Committee: 2013 – Present

  • To monitor progress of the College, departments and programs toward accomplishment
    of goals in the Strategic Plan.  To prepare yearly assessment of progress, as well as assist in periodic updates.

Texas State University College of Health Professions Personnel Committee: 2009 – 2013

  • “Reviewer” of Tenure Track faculty evaluations for CLS, HIM, & RTT units
    Chair, CLS PC, 2013 – Present

Texas State University – San Marcos College of Health Review Group: 2009 – Present

Texas State University College of Health Professions Research Enhancement (CREC) Grant Committee: 2006 – Present

  • Reviewer, 2006 – 2007; Chair, 2008 – 2011; ; Ex-officio, 2011 – Present

Texas State University College of Health Professions Faculty Development and Advancement Committee: 2004 – Present [ex officio]

  • Advise and assist the College with a comprehensive faculty development program, review/recommendations for Tenure/Promotion (revised College PPS, 2006),  Reappointment, and Annual Evaluation; Develop a process to encourage a culture of collaborative research

Texas State University College of Health Prof. Faculty/Student Research Forum Committee: 2002 – Present
    Chair: 2004 – 2006, Past Chair: 2006 – Present

  • To direct the planning and arrangements for the College of Health Professions annual Research Forum, including
    reviewing of abstracts, scheduling, and post-forum recognition of presenters. Commencement for Texas State University College of Health Professions, August, 2002 – present (annually)

Texas State University CHP Faculty Excellence Awards: 2009 – 2014

Texas State University College of Health Professions Budget Committee: 2007 – 2013

Texas State University College of Health Professions Curriculum Committee: 2009 – 2012

CHP Research Coordinator Search Committee: Summer 2013 & Summer 2014

HIM Search Committee for HIM Chair: Fall, 2012 – Spring, 2013

  • National search to replace HIM Chair (appointment by Dean Welborn)

Texas State Scholars Weekend: February 6, 2004 (Orientation meeting); February 13, 2004 (Scholar interviews)

  • Interviewer of Scholar candidates


NAACLS Self Study Review and Site Visit, 2019

  •  Chair and Primary author for NAACLS Accreditation Self Study Report

Bobcat Days, LJBSC, 2002 – Present

Orientation/Advising sessions for new and transfers,  Texas State University CLS majors: Summer 2003 – Present

Faculty committee to interview students for acceptance into Texas State University-CLS program: Spring, 2002 – Present (annually)

NAACLS Accreditation Review, 2005, 2012, 2019

Texas State University Academic Review of CLS Program, Self-Study Review, 2005, 2011-12

CLS Clinical Assistant Professor Search Committee, Fall 2013 – Spring 2014

CLS TT Assistant Professor Faculty Search Committee, November 2007 – 2008

ACC Biotechnology Internship Sponsor: Summer 2003

  • Supervisor of Hays ISD student, Valerie Duran, at Texas State-CLS during June 16 – July 14

Founder/Chair, Introduced Joint Texas State University-ACC Exploratory Group for Biotechnology: 2002 – 2005

  • Ongoing effort to establish articulation agreement between Texas State University-CLS Department and ACC Biotechnology Program

Community and Professional:

Today’s Clinical Lab – Editorial Board and Contributor: 2023 – Present

  • Today’s Clinical Lab is a reader-centric publication that keeps clinical professionals up to date with today’s rapidly changing lab industry with in-depth and timely editorial content and resources, including clinical industry news and insights into the latest trends, technologies, and techniques in the clinical lab.

Contagion – Infectious Diseases Today – invited Editorial Board member: 2022 – Present

Lumageis, Inc. – Scientific Advisory Committee: 2022 – Present

  •  Lumaegis is at the forefront of new technology to fight infectious disease transmission in our communities via technology [Radblanket].

Global Biorisk Advisory Council (GBAC) – GBAC Ambassador: 2022 – Present

  • The GBAC Ambassador group is comprised of the GBAC Scientific Advisory Board, as well as GBAC Vertical Leaders and Influencers. The Global Biorisk Advisory Council™ (GBAC) helps organizations and businesses prepare for, respond to, and recover from biological threats, and biohazard situations and real-time crises.

American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) – ASCP Workforce Steering Committee: 2022 – Present

  •  Serves as the strategy drivers for the program by initiating discussions and taking an active role in calling attention to the three focus areas developed from extensive research, where there are opportunities to improve recognition of the clinical laboratory workforce and enhance careers in the field.

American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) – Virtual Pathology Grand Rounds team: 2021 – Present

  • Virtual Pathology Grand Rounds is excited to officially partner with ASCP and continue offering the exceptional content the pathology and laboratory medicine community has come to expect. VP features live presentations with Q&A and offer CME/CMLE credits. These free online events will be held throughout the year and provide a dynamic way for pathologists and medical laboratory professionals to connect, learn, and integrate their knowledge to provide better patient care.

G8Check Inc. Scientific and Health Advisory Board: 2020 – Present

  •  Inform and assist regarding Film Production Sets and Crew in COVID-19 Pandemic; Wes Bailey, President, G8Check, Inc.

Environmental Infection Prevention (EIP) Scientific Advisory Board: 2020 – Present

  • Subject Matter Expert for EIP on microbiology topics, especially antimicrobial resistant pathogens

American Society of Clinical Pathologists (ASCP) – #ASCPSoMeTeam: 2020 – Present

  • Charge: Support and expand the reach of existing discussion taking place around pathology and laboratory medicine on social media.

External Reviewer, RUSH University, MLS Program, T&P, 2019

Rabies in the Americas (RITA) International Conference – Invited Scientific Committee member, Moderator, and book signing (Elsevier Rabies book): Kansas City, October 27 – November 1st, 2019.

CASPR Group Scientific Advisory Board: 2019 – Present

Artel (Analytical Liquid Handling) Scientific Advisory Board: 2017 – Present

MRSA Survivors Network Scientific Advisory Board: 2017 – Present

E – Mist (Infection Control & Prevention) Advisory Board: 2017 – 2018

ASCLS Editor in Chief Selection Committee, September – October 2016

  • Assist in selection of EIC & appointment to ongoing Clin Lab Sci journal advisory board

International Federation of Biomedical Laboratory Science appointment, Microbiology Advisory Group (two years), August 2016 – 2018

  • Development of IFBLS documents for WHO, CLSI and ISO TC212

ASCLS Promotion of the Promotion Committee, R. Rohde appointed as Special Advisor by ASCLS President, August 2016 – Present

ASCLS Mentorship Academy, Invited faculty mentor, 2016 – Present

  • Annual mentoring of selected mentees across U.S.

TACLS Leadership Academy, Invited faculty member, 2015 – 2016

  • Monthly leadership and mentoring presentations for select academy students

TACLS President, 2015 – 2017; President Elect, 2013 – 2015; Board Member, 2012 – 2013 as Scientific Advisory Board and Co-editor, Virology and Microbiology, Advisory Board, and will also be regular contributing author: 2015 – Present

ASCLS Abstract and Proposal Review Committee (APRC): 2014 – Present

  • Submit, review, and rank proposals for Annual ASCLS conference; Review poster abstracts for annual meeting

PerfectCLEAN (UMF Corp.), Invited Subject Matter Expert on Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs): 2014 – Present

Vestagen, Invited Subject Matter Expert on Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs): 2014 – 2015

Orion Research & Management Services, Invited Advisory Board: 2013 – Present

International Journal of Infectious Diseases & Infection, Genetics and Evolution (Elsevier journals), Invited Reviewer: 2013 – Present

Cleanint  Advisory Board, 2013 – Present

  • Consultation on issues and product development for “microbially clean” work environments; Cleanint develops innovative products that help people lead cleaner, healthier lives.
  • Invited as Subject Matter Expert on HAIs & MRSA

Clinical Laboratory Science, Invited Reviewer: 2013 – Present

ASCLS Consulting Editor: 2012 – Present

  • Invited by premier Clinical Laboratory Science professional journal (Clin Lab Sci); consultant on expert areas (MRSA/HAIs, qualitative research, adult learning, clin. microbiology)

ASCLS Education & Research “Kleiner Award Committee,” 2012

  • Judge to award best Clinical Laboratory Science journal manuscript from 2011

Johnson & Johnson Advanced Sterilization Products, Healthcare Environmental Disinfection Advisory Board, 2011 – 2013

  • Consultation on critical issues and current standards in the prevention of HAIs and different approaches to environmental disinfection of pathogens, including automated area disinfection technologies
  • Invited as Subject Matter Expert on HAIs (MRSA)

TACLS Conference Organizing Committee for 2011 State Conference (April 6-9, 2011)

  • Microbiology Program Chair, Vendors, Assistant to Organizing Chair (Dave Falleur) & Student Bowl Judge

Organizing Committee, Texas DSHS-Zoonosis Control Division Annual Diseases in Nature Conference: 2002 – Present

  • Subcommittee to acquire presenters, abstract review, and general organization of meeting

ASCLS Continuing Education Advisory Council – Microbiology member, 2010 – 2013

  • National conference abstract review & organization; Platform Moderator

DSHS Statewide Healthcare-Associated Infections committee, 2009 – Present

ASCLS Representative to the new NAACLS Research Committee, 2009 – Present

  • Enhance awareness of the need for research by our profession

ASCLS Educational Scientific Assembly (ESA) Committee, 2009 – Present

  • ESA subcommittee on Educational Programs and Initiatives (CEPI)

ASCLS Microbiology Scientific Assembly Committee, 2006 – Present

  • Vice Chair, 2011-12; Chair, 2013 – 2015

Elected National Delegate from TX for National Meeting (ASCLS): 2006 – Present

TACLS Student Bowl Judge (microbiology content) & Poster Judge, TACLS State Conference, El Paso, TX, March 26-28, 2009

TACLS Conference Organizing Committee for 2008 State Conference (April 2-5, 2008)

  • Microbiology Program Chair, Vendors, Assistant to Organizing Chair (Dave Falleur) & Student Bowl Judge

Member, Hays County Student Health Advisory Council Nutrition & Health Committee, 2006 – Present

Member, College of Education Doctoral Student Organization (COEDSO), 2006 – 2010

Moderator for General Sessions, Texas Association of Clinical Laboratory Science Conference, San Antonio, TX,  March 29 – April 1, 2006

ACC Instructional Review Self Study Committee, Fall 2005 – Present

MRSA Correctional Facility Workgroup, Fall, 2004 – Present

  • Workgroup is composed of TX DSHS – IDEAS, Travis County Correctional System, UTMB Galveston, Texas Dept. of Criminal Justice, and Bureau of Prisons.  A collaborative effort is being made to address the problems of MRSA infections in the Texas prison systems via laboratory (Rohde contract/grant with DSHS) and epidemiology models.

Student Bowl Judge/Timer, Texas Association of Clinical Laboratory Science Conference, Corpus Christi, TX,  2005 – Present

Member, Austin Community College Biotechnology Advisory Board: 2004 – present

Texas Association Clinical Laboratory Science Annual Meeting Organizer: 2002 – 2003

  • Subcommittee to acquire speakers in specialty subject area of microbiology
    Moderator for scientific sessions

Member, Bethany Lutheran Church Diaconate Ministry Team: 2004 – Present

Member, DSHS Oral Rabies Vaccination Program: 1994 – present

  • Ground crew, airplane navigator, and computer support (GIS, GPS) for the aerial distribution
    of recombinant rabies vaccine to immunize wildlife in Texas (coyote, fox, etc.)

Member, ACC Biology Eligibility Committee: 2001 – present
Adjunct representative: Evaluate eligibility for current and new faculty to teach courses, evaluate annual
portfolios of faculty

Member, ACC Biology Task Force: 2002 – present

  • Adjunct representative: Establish instructional objectives of each course, select texts/resources, establish and evaluate effectiveness measures, ensure consistency in instruction across district, and address instructional issues of the faculty.

Member, DSHS Rapid Response Team: 1996 – 2002

  • Surveillance of zoonotic outbreaks (hantavirus, plague, arbovirus, etc.) in TX

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