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  1. Halie Willeford

    My name is Halie. I am interested in transferring to Texas State University in the fall of 2021. I plan on majoring in the Clinical Laboratory Science program. I have a few questions.

    Are tours being offered sometime this summer?

    If not, do you know where the place is that I would be taking classes for my chosen major?

    Do you know of someone I can contact in the Clinical Laboratory Science program?

    Is there a way I can find out if my classes can transfer the way I would need them to?

    Is there classes that would be recommend for me to take at your college rather than the college I am at, which is Tyler Junior College, like organic chemistry 1 and 2, microbiology, ect.?

    Is there a course sequence sheet or advising guide of classes I would take and the order recommended to take them in and if classes are offered during a specific semester?

    Do I have to have all prerequisites and general course classes before starting the CLS courses?

    I am just wanting to find out all the information I can before making a choice in where I want to transfer to.

    Thank you for your time,

    Halie Willeford

  2. Mason Underwood

    I have an interest in trying to join undergraduate research on this campus and was wondering if you had any opportunities or information that could help. Thanks!

    1. Rodney Rohde Post author

      Hi Mason,
      I would recommend you check out the Undergraduate Research as a search item on our main TXST webpage. Good Luck and Eat Em Up Cats!
      Doc R

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